The Regional Arts Network of Aotearoa  (RANA) is an independent network of regional arts organisations operating across Aotearoa.  

The regional arts organisations (or RAOs) that make up RANA are non-profit entities that provide strategic direction and support for sustainable arts, culture & heritage development. RANA operates as a connected network to support shared goals.

RANA seeks to act as a source of information and advice on regional arts issues, and as a communications channel to regional communities of arts practitioners and organisations.

RANA also seeks to collaborate on the development of a stronger regional arts, culture, and creative sector to support community wellbeing and resilience. 


about us

Take a look at our Outcomes Framework, Our Purpose and Shared Objectives.

OUR Organisations

Regional Art Network Aotearoa is comprised of a collection of regional art organisations. For more information, check out our organisations page below. 

OUR resources

Take a look at the many useful resources listed on this site, both those created by RANA and those cohosted from our affiliated organisations.