Regional Arts Organisations (RAOs) are non-profit entities that operate regionally across Aotearoa to provide strategic direction and support for sustainable arts, culture and heritage development.
The RAOs that make up RANA operate as a connected Network to support shared goals.

Shared Objectives

The RAO Network has identified the following shared objectives:

Cross-pollinate effective practice and models of sector development across regions.

Facilitate regional-to-national collaboration.

Broker effective engagement by central government and other stakeholders with regional arts communities.

Share regional research and intelligence to identify and collate evidence of national sector needs, gaps, aspirations and priorities.

Support the capacity of regional communities to access COVID-response and other centralised arts sector resourcing.

Proactively seek opportunities to bring regional voices into decision-making spaces that inform national arts strategy, policy and resourcing.

Act as a strategic conduit to ensure COVID-response funding is able to reach into communities effectively at a regional level to support recovery.

Support the development of more responsive national arts strategies and policies, to ensure that centralised arts sector resourcing is fit-for-purpose and aligned to regional needs/priorities.

Create a more connected platform for arts advocacy and collaborate on efforts to support increased valuing of the arts – particularly in relation to community wellbeing and regional creative economies.


Take a look at our ‘Outcomes Framework’ that lists and discusses the impact area, example ROA activities and key RANA network activities.